Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Berkshire Community Land Trust and Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires share board members and office infrastructure.

A Community Land Trust is governed by a three-part volunteer Board of Trustees. The board is designed to be representative and balanced in its administration of the organization’s activities and assets. The Trustees usually meet at least six times a year and host an annual member meeting.

The board of the Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires is twelve residents of Southern Berkshire County. Four Leasing Member Representatives are elected by other leaseholders. Four Non-Leasing Member Representatives are elected by the general membership. Four Professional Community Representatives are appointed by the board itself for their expertise. They may include attorneys, accountants, architects, real estate agents, land-use planners, etc.

For details on the CLTSB board structure see our Bylaws.

CLTSB & BCLT Board of Trustees:

Eric Aulicino
Janis Bowersox
Diane Crespo
Toby deRis
Sarah Downie, Vice President
John Fülöp, Co-President
Jim Lawrence, Co-Clerk
Kathy Orlando
Rob Putnam, Co-President
Peter Stanton, Co-Clerk
Sam VanSant, Treasurer
Lillian Zavatsky
Ex-officio: Susan Witt
Robert Swann* and Susan Wit
Past Board Members:
Christopher Blair
Debbie Brantner
Peter Flemming
Rachel Fletcher
John James
Alexander Thorp

The Board of Trustees of the Berkshire Community Land Trust has the same structure as the board of CLTSB. However, BCLT Bylaws specify that the lease holding members of the BCLT board (no more than one third of board members) may be selected from community land trusts other than CLTSB.

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